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Clean Uberhood - FINISHED! Downloads!


Just in time for Christmas, too.

There are two versions:

Uberhood Complete
Belladonna Cove with Pleasantview, Strangetown, Veronaville, Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley and Bluewater Village as shopping districts. Has all "stealth hood" (bin) families. Has all three universities and Downtown attached, as well as Tara Kat in Pleasantview and the Kim family in Bluewater Village. Contains every single playable sim from every EP. 593 character files. Roughly 333MB .RAR file.

Uberhood Light
Belladonna Cove with Pleasantview, Strangetown, Veronaville, Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley and Bluewater Village as shopping districts. Has all "stealth hood" (bin) families. No universities or downtown attached. No Kat or Kim families. 531 character files. Roughly 249MB .RAR file.


Details and some technical details below (if you don't understand something, ignore it, it's not very important).

Features (this list may expand as I remember more things):
* ALL MEMORIES FIXED. Memories have been added, removed, sorted, fixed, changed and generally made better for every single sim. I have also gone through the memories after the merging and made sure they all point to the right NID, so that the FFS Debugger will not see them as corrupted. (Memories related to the incomplete dead sims in the three base game hoods will still be seen as corrupted by the debugger, however. This is not something I can fix. The memories are unlikely to do any harm, though.)
* ALL DNA FIXED. Buggy DNA has been fixed, recessive genes have been added so that inheritance makes sense, and so on.
* ALL RELATIONSHIPS FIXED. Sims know the sims they should know, are related to the sims they should be related to, family trees have been fixed, etc.
* All garbage that I could find and safely delete has been deleted. No stray SWAF files, no relationships between Unknown and Unknown, etc. (I have not deleted any SDNA as, according to J.M. Pescado, this is a VBT. I do not think the merging copies over files it doesn't need, however, so only garbage-SDNA from Belladonna Cove should be left over.)
* MOST Townies and Service NPCs have been DELETED. The only ones left are the head witches from Belladonna Cove, Crystal Vu, Abhijeet Cho and Meredith Lillard from Strangetown, a fairly small number of townies from Bluewater Village who either have relationships with sims or businesses, and all the Pleasantview townies and NPCs, minus the non-interactable ones (drivers, social workers, social bunnies, repo men). All of them have their original names. DNA has been fixed/altered on some of them. I've also kept the Garden Club sims from the Seasons stealth hood, and the adoptable pets and strays from the Pets stealth hood.
* Most of the "second level" of the playables' dead ancestors have been DELETED. This means playables' grandparents for the most part, such as Daniel Pleasant's grandparents. The exceptions to this is if the dead family member is needed for the family tree to make sense (to link two playables together, for instance) or has some other importance, OR if the dead sim has a grave (Goth and Capp graveyards). All playables have parents, however, if any were available.
* NONE(*) of the dead sims have memories, and I don't recommend resurrecting any of them. Most are probably safe, but I don't want anyone to break their 'hood because of a resurrected, broken sim (the ones in Olive's graveyard are particularly suspicious), so I say you shouldn't touch any of them. (*) There is ONE exception to this: The Tricous, and Rainelle Neengia in Downtown. They DO have memories, fixed and constructed by me, and I have tested that they can be safely resurrected. :)
* There are TWO Bella Goths: The Pleasantview one which is the "real" one, with relationships to and memories of the other Goths, and the Strangetown one with no memories or relationships. Both have been fixed up, both are townies and can show up randomly as passerbys or on community lots. If you want to keep the real Bella's memories (constructed by me), you can't move her in through the normal "propose... move in/marriage" but instead you must use an alternate method such as Inge's Teleporter Cat, otherwise her memories will be replaced by the default townie memories.
* Many various fixes were done, too many for me to remember or list them all. You'll probably see some of them as you play, such as the elder Montys' retirements working correctly now, Brandi Broke's unborn child working normally instead of being her clone, etc.
* Uninteresting technical info - the Sim Creation Index has been reset, though not until after I'd merged the hoods (but before I added the unis and downtown). This means that the NIDs go up to nearly 2000, but there are many, many gaps to be filled and with the SCI reset, those gaps WILL be filled by new births, new townies and NPCs, and so on.

* Chastity Gere's father, Inigo Gere, has an unknown, deleted sim in his family tree. I was unable to remove it because SimPE throws an error when I try to look at his family ties. Ingame, this appears as a "..." next to his picture in the tree to show that he's got more family, but if you click on him, nothing is shown. This is not because of anything I did but an error made by EAxis, it looks like they accidentally deleted his mother and didn't get rid of the garbage left behind. He had memories of an unknown sim too, but I removed those.
* Dead sims. Don't touch them (except the Tricous & Rainelle Neengia). I've fixed them as much as I could, but not added memories. Some are fine, some are completely borked. Most of the dead sims from the base game have no character data - this means that they CANNOT be resurrected, and Pescado's FFS Lot Debugger will wipe any memories of them if you use its 'wipe corrupt' option.
* Although I haven't tried it myself so I don't know what it actually will do, I've seen this warning on every other merged hood/megahood out there: DO NOT ADD ANY NEW SHOPPING DISTRICTS, EVER. Apparently it will break the 'hood completely. I choose to heed this warning.
* Not so much an issue, but all the scripted events in the base game hoods (the little popups, Vidcund's abduction, the cockroaches that cause Nervous' aspiration failure, the burglar at the Caliente house...) will no longer work, because of the merging.

That's it, for now... I think. I will edit if I think of anything else.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is an issue with this Uberhood and the Multi-PT hacks, click here to find out how to fix it!

Enjoy! And if you see anything weird or buggy or incorrect or inconsistent, no matter how tiny and insignificant it may seem, please let me know! (If you don't find anything, I'd be happy to know about that too. :))

Merry Christmas from me!

(Also special thanks to my SO for being with me and offering help and encouragement while I worked on this, to Mixreality for her advice and learnings that helped me fix some of the more annoying little details, SaraMK for her 'hood merging tutorial, J.M. Pescado for certainly being More Awesome Than Me, and everyone who's supported me and shown interest in this project!)

Wow, the work you did on this looks incredible. I think it makes so much sense to have Belladonna Cove as the main hood.

I wish I had Pets so I could download!

Thanks! Aw, sucks that you don't have Pets. :( You could always wish for a last minute Christmas present...

Congratulations on finishing this massive project! And just in time for Christmas, too. What a nice gift to all of us who have been impatiently following your progress. Thanks A LOT!!!! I know what I'll be doing during Christmas now... (What a good thing it is that we are not going anywhere or having guests over for Christmas - it's the first time since....oh, must be like twenty years *I feel so old*)!

I have a couple of questions before I install the game:
- what is the hood number? Since you used Belladonna Cove as your base hood (didn't you?), I suppose it is E001 and I'll have to move my regular BC before I install this.
- have you tested the alien abductions with multiple PTs? I know there were problems with PT-hacks in Mixreality's hood and I did have them even in HP's hood (got daddy clones instead of green beans).
- what did you do to the DNA of the townies who's DNA has been fixed/altered? I know that you asked about that in a post, but what conclusion did you make? Just in case I want to change something back...

That's all for now - I'm sure I'll come back with more questions after a while. :)

Once again, thanks for your huge effort!

Have a nice Christmas!

And got the answer to my first question already, when I clicked the download link... :)

What a lovely Christmas gift! ^_^ Thank you for the massive amount of work you put into this. If my current Strangetown ever becomes borked, I'll be rebuilding with this.

Oh, and a bit of a noobish question...

is it generally okay to resurrect the Tricous and Rainelle? I was a little unsure about whether I should do that in my Strangetown. If it's iffy, I'd just as soon clone them instead.

Thank you!! *happy dance* What a great Christmas present :)

You've done such a wonderful job, thank you!
Merry Christmas! :D

Thanks! Have fun, and Merry Christmas. :)

This is amazing! I've been planning to re-model all the neighborhoods and give the inhabitants some makeovers (as a hobby, because I enjoy re-decorating houses) and I think I'll begin with this one :)

Thank you!

Thanks! :) I hope you'll have fun! We plan to do something similar with it, actually. Lots and lots of makeovers (but playing it too).

Woot! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this project!

Thanks, and you're welcome. :) Have fun!

I love it! I played around with it a bit but am gonna start fresh, probably gonna restart my uberhood story (AGAIN!) with this!

:) I'm glad! I'd be very interested to see your uberhood story restarted too!

I'm a bit late at catching up, but you deserve a standing ovation for this work! :D

Personally, have too many unfinished business with my current hoods, but I'll surely use it next time I start a new one (probably soon anyways, you know the sim-ADD!! lol!)

Awesome job! <3

Thank you, ale. :)

Hah, yeah, I'm still hoping for some story updates from you... though I'm not exactly doing too well with my own, lately. :P Cursed Sim-ADD!

I've found some weirdness...

Okay, it seems the sims in Veronaville and Desiderata Valley have no memories, though the ones in Belladonna Cove do. I checked one house in each place, and the sims' memory panels were blank in Veronaville and Desiderata.

Re: I've found some weirdness...

(ALSO, because I feel like a jerk to leave a bug report before thanking you for doing this, OMG YAY THANK YOU BEST MEGAHOOD EVER.)

Hiya! So, I went ahead and downloaded the full version to try it out with Multiple-PT with custom skintones and ...initially it worked. My sim had a baby with an interesting skintone anyway :) But I wanted to try all the different PTs so tried again and struck some problems :/ I think my game just hates me :)

I tried with Brilliantcat's set, and it seemed that PTs Ruse and Polly showed up fine, but every time I tried with Shangri-La or Willow the babies ended up with 'human' skin. And I tried about 10 times, so it doesn't just seem to be a fluke. PT Willow's children always seemed to have the human sim's hair, eyes and skin. Shangri-La, I think, was different a few times, so it isn't like the last problem with Mixreality - they were all carbon copies of their 'parents'.

This just seems totally weird (to half-work :D) so I'm hoping it is just me and not a weird glitch?

How bizarre. That doesn't seem consistent at all. And it works fine in other neighbourhoods? You're sure the skintones are dominant (more dominant than the human sim's skintone)? How about facial features, do they get passed on?

If you know how to use SimPE, could you open up the uberhood where you had some testbabies, and look at the alien parents' DNA? And also at the babies' DNA? If you don't know how to do this, I can help.

You FIXED the buggy DNA?!?!!
Now I can actually play strangetown!
:D (weird, huh, that was the deal-maker for me)

Thank you a million times for the amazing amount of effort you put into this! I don't have all EPs installed yet, but when I do, I'm totally popping this into my game. (:

No problem. :) Hope you'll like it!

New, possible issue - when I've tried to load the Aspir or Monty (main) household, the game has crashed. I've tried twice with both houses. I'm going to load the game without any hacks/content and see if it still happens, but just thought I'd post just to see if you've had any issues with those houses?

I can't remember if I've loaded the Aspir house, but I know tiipiipii has as she's played through Desiderata Valley. The Monty household I've loaded several times while building the uberhood, and was my Veronaville testhouse when I had finished too, so I know that one works.

Like I told silvainsims, make sure you have no other versions of any of the merged 'hoods (BC, PV, ST, VV, RH, DV) in the game, it may cause problems in the Uberhood. Also, check whether you have the same problem in a fresh version where you haven't been fiddling with the PTs/done anything else.

Thank you so much. I just installed BV so I could get this and I'm sure I'll love it (I have an older one, but I want it AAALLL)

I just picked up M&G Stuff so I could install this, which I will later today (sooo excited!!!), but I have one question. I'm not sure if you've answered this already, or if this a totally stupid question, but how is Pascal Curious' pregnancy handled? Will my multi-PT hack interfere with it, or will it just go on normally using the Maxis PT?

Hey there. :)

Pascal's pregnancy will behave just like it would in regular Strangetown with a multi-PT hack. The baby will get the genetics from the original PT, although for some reason the PT won't show up in the family tree. Baby will be green and definitely alien, though.

Sorry for the necromancy.

I like making my own townies. Will it hurt anything if I delete all the Pleasantview townies and NPCs (other than Kaylynn, who I know I should keep because of her relationship with Don and Daniel)? What about the pet families and strays?

Thanks! I'm really excited to have this!

Hi. :) There is no problem with deleting (if done correctly) the townies/NPCs that have no relationship with anyone else. However, Kaylynn isn't the only one who has a relationship to someone. Gordon King the burglar is another, and the Strangetown townies I kept - Crystal Vu, Abhijeet Cho and Meredith Lillard - also have relationships with playables. The same goes for the two Bellas, of course.

There's also a reason I kept some Bluewater Village townies. These have relationships to existing businesses and/or sims, and therefore couldn't be deleted.

The strays and adoptable pets do not have any relationships with anyone, and neither does the garden club.

So the answer is... yes, you can delete townies and strays, but be careful about which ones. :)

I seem to have a problem with this uberhood. I have no lots, and hence no playables, in any hood, even BC. Is it because I have some clean templates that are conflicting with this? I only have clean templates from University through pets, and since they aren't empty templates I should still have some playables, or at the very least have lots. Any ideas on what I should do? The stealth bin families are still there.

Hi there.

You'll have to tell me a little more about what you're doing to install it.

The clean templates do not matter - those only affect new neighbourhoods that you generate yourself in your own game.

It sounds like you might not be downloading/installing both parts? Because of file size, the Lots folder is in a separate download (Uberhood Part 2) which must be extracted into the same folder as Part 1.

A quick installation instruction:
1. Download Uberhood Part 1 AND Part 2.
2. Extract Uberhood Part 1 into your Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods folder.
3. Extract Uberhood Part 2 into the same folder, and answer yes to any questions.

Keep in mind that all EPs + M&G are required, and that you cannot have regular Belladonna Cove (E001) in your game at the same time as the Uberhood.

Good luck!


Sorry for poking you - I just found this, and am just reinstalling Sims2, so I want to grab it. However, I can't download Part 1 of the full version - part 2, and both parts of the light one work without a problem, when I click on the the "download" link at mediafire for part 1 of the full version, it just takes me to an empty page.

Could you check if maybe they did something with the file? I will re-try downloading later or tomorrow, in case it's temporary (and let you know).

Hello. :)

The file appears to be fine, the link worked and the download started fine. So it's probably just a temporary thing. MediaFire tends to do that every now and then.


does it require PETS and IKEA?
cause those two are the only EP and SP I dont have.

I believe someone has gotten it to work without Pets, the animals and EP-specific objects just were missing in the Pets families. You'll have to try it and see.

It does not require IKEA or any other SP.

Thanks so much for the fabulous uberhood! It works like a dream.

I'm in the middle of making over the sims in Pleasantview (again!) and playing with the Goth family. Speaking of which, I've tried getting Bella to move back in by summoning her with Inge's Teleporter Cat (and InSim) and getting Mortimer to ask her to move in, but I can't seem to get her memories to stick. They revert back to default, like Strangetown's Bella. What am I doing wrong? :(

Good to hear. :)

You're not doing anything wrong. The game is just stupid. This happened to me as well. It seems like the memories reset on their own somewhere along the way, while Bella's going about with her townie business. :/ There are hacks out there to prevent this townie memory loss, but it's unfortunately probably too late in your case (as it was in mine). Luckily, all her relationships and family ties are still intact, so I guess you could play her as if she lost her memory and needing to reexperience things like her first kiss with Mortimer.

I finally got all the eps and sps and just wanted to say thank you so much for this - I love it :D
I'm a noob trying to avoid VBTs and had some questions:
What method do you recommend for resurrecting the Tricous and Rainelle?
Will installing squinge's TownieMoveInNoMemoryLoss hack before loading any lots keep Bella Goth's memories from resetting after (re-)joining the Goth household? Or was there another hack you recommend?
Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Hi there, and thank you. :)

Ingame, I THINK you have to have someone get scared by a ghost of one of the Tricous or Rainelle in order to resurrect them with the Paranormal career reward or the Genie. Through SimPE, you could just cheat and make a relationship tie between one of the Tricous and a playable sim, and then resurrect them as normal ingame.

And yes, installing that hack before playing should indeed keep Bella Goth's memories intact. :)

Deleting Sub-Neighborhood

Thanks for this really cool uber-neighborhood! But I have a question here.
I know we're not supposed to add any new shopping district, but can I delete one instead?

Re: Deleting Sub-Neighborhood

You can delete as many as you like. :)

And I'm no longer sure it's really all that dangerous to add one, either, although I haven't tested it myself.

Hi there - I hope you don't mind me commenting like this - but I've had a small issue with trying to upload MMO lots from the uberhood. I'm not sure if it is an uberhood problem, but I thought I'd raise it here just in case. I've made a post over here asking for advice, and have tried the suggestion in the comments.

Hi there. Hm, I don't see how this could possibly be an uberhood issue. The lots work the same here as in any other 'hood. If you're worried, I'd recommend trying to package the Town Centre Grocery lot from a regular Riverblossom Hills (it's from RBH, right?), just to see what happens. The text 'TEMP - Grocery Store' has to come from SOMEWHERE, and it's entirely possible it's some sort of garbage string of text left behind by EAxis. Either way, it's just a name and shouldn't do any harm.

hi, i d/l this after HP's got buggy 2 seasons in. i noticed an issue today when playing yours. my lots arent saving and its just crashing the game when i attempt to save/go back to neighbourhood. has anyone else had an issue like this before?

Hi. I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem with the uberhood. Something similar DID happen to me, though, after I'd been playing it for quite a while, but I believe I must have done something to corrupt the neighbourhood. How long have you played the 'hood for? Do you have many downloads, especially hacks? Do you have Pescado's crucial hacks (you should)? Have you done any fiddling with your 'hood, using debug cheats or SimPE or similar?

...this might be a stupid question, I really don't know - but can you re-name the hood from E001? I was pondering having two of these going at the same time (because the one I've been making over is rather old and I want to start afresh!).

You can rename E001... but I'd advise against having two versions of the same base hood in the game at the same time. People have reported that this causes conflicts. If you want two uberhoods, you should use a different 'hood as the base for your second one. I just got someone nudging me about making the shopping district version of Belladonna Cove, so I should get around to that very soon, probably tomorrow.


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