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Cleaned Neighbourhoods: Downloads

Downloads for the uberhood. Reuploaded April 11th 2010.

ATTN: MediaFire is sometimes stubborn and you may experience problems with the downloads every now and then. If this happens, wait a little while, clear out your cache, and try again. The downloads DO WORK, and if you have problems with them, there is nothing I can do. I have no control over MediaFire's whims.

If you can't open or extract the files once your download is FINISHED, though, please report.

Split into two parts due to size. Unpack both archives into the same folder.

Part 1
Part 2

Uberhood Light (No universities or downtown attached, no Kat/Kim families.)
Part 1
Part 2


EDIT: These versions are obsolete. Please get the new, even cleaner versions in this post.

Yay! :D I'm so happy now, thank you so much!

No problem. :) Thanks for giving me a nudge so I got around to reuploading these.

I never realized you uploaded them separately! Thanks :)

Yeah, they were sort of scattered around a bit, so I figured this would be easier. :)

Thanks! I tried to download yesterday and I was quite confused so I'm very excited that you re-uploaded them.

And I'm sorry to ask, but could you please upload the cleaned out neighborhoods from the latter expansions? I'm really interested in getting a cleaned version of Riverblossom Hills. I'd be eternally grateful.

It's there now. :) I wasn't finished uploading yet.

What about I'm not sure about the filesize limits on uploads though :S but it's free, and all my stuff is still there from months and months ago.

Ah, I just checked and it has a 1BG limit with 25mb upload limits.. Dang.. :(

"This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader."

Everytime I go to grab this thing, it's gone :/

Sorry about that. Hotfile is a piece of crap. :/ I'll try and get them back up over the weekend.

Awesome project and I can't imagine how much work went into this!
I'm having a problem downloading Uberhood Part 1. I click on "click here to start donload" and then I get "processing download request" and then I'm back at "click here to start download".
I downloaded Uberhood Part 2 without problems, also the light Uberhood. I tinkered with my pop-up blocker but that's not it.

Hi there, and thanks. :)

What you're describing is a common problem with MediaFire. Try again later (tomorrow or the day after, if the problem persists today).

Where does the Uberhood(or one the 'hoods) go? Do they go in Downloads or Neighborhoods?

Neighbourhoods, since... it's a neighbourhood, and all. ;)

I'm sorry to spam this but, Winrar says Lot 173 in the Uberhood is corrupted.

You might want to note that Pleasantview has townies included.
I found out the hard way XD

Heh, sure. Sorry. It is noted in the various other posts about the uberhood and the progress, but I didn't think to put it in this download post.

Thank you for your Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley and Belladonna Cove. I plan to use these to make my own merged hood :)

Thank you for all your hard work! This was recommended to me a while back, and I just recently got Bon Voyage so I could install it. I'm looking forward to playing with it. :)

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing the Belladonna Uberhood! I actually thought about doing a uberhood myself but considered it to be too much work, I'm too lazy, so I was so happy to find out that there's people less lazy than me and that they're kind enough to share their hard work. So once again, thank you! =)

Hey, lovely hoods. :) I just downloaded them all en masse. The Downtown Subhood seems to be broken though. We tried downloading it a few times across two different computers and it just keeps being 0 byte. Any chance you can fix it?

Really good job, though. &hearts

Hey there. Glad you're enjoying my 'hoods. :)

I just tested the Downtown download, and it appears to be fine. It downloaded as it should and I could extract it. Sometimes MediaFire just likes to be disagreeable. I recommend you wait a day or so, clear out your browser cache, and try again.

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I'm not aLJ user (here from MATY) but I couldn't get your Uberhood part 2 to download. May just be Mediafire being stubborn, but might be worth checking out.


MediaFire is just a jerk every now and then. Clear your cache and try again in a little while.

Thank you for this mega hood! I'm downloading it right now and am excited to start playing!

No problem

FYI...uberhood-light works fine for me without having Pets installed (only EP I don't have nor want). I first downloaded and used Mixreality's uberhood in November and played that up until about a week ago when I decided to chalk it up as a test run and scrap it for yours - newer and cleaner and with my beloved townies! BTW, thanks for that!

Two things of note, both of which occurred with Mixreality's and yours:
1) when the game first loads after installing the new hood, a message box pops up saying 'You have uninstalled The Sims 2 Pets. If you continue, Pets will be removed from your neighborhood and homes.' the option to Continue or Quit.
2) Cyd Roseland is in the bin and is completely playable, though his dog has vanished into thin air.

Makes me wonder if someone could play without having BV installed... & if the Travellers would show up in the bin.

Re: No problem

That's interesting! I didn't actually know the game was intelligent enough to do that. I wonder if the full version would also work, given that Tara Kat and the Kims (both lot bin families with pets) are in it.

Thanks for letting me know. :)

I imagine it might work without BV too, then, since no vacation destinations are added, and the Travellers have nothing BV-related about them except their clothing (which is pretty sucky anyway).

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Thank you for this! I recently deleted all of my original Maxis hoods, but reliazed I want to try and play them again, ha! So yes! Thank you!

You're welcome. :)

(By the way, you can get the original 'hoods back from your game folders, there's several tutorials on how to do it if you're interested - but they're obviously not all clean and awesome like mine. ;))


What do I download? Uberhood parts 1 and 2?

If you want the full uberhood, then yes, Uberhood Part 1 and Part 2. Unpack them into the same folder.

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I just wanted to ask why you changed the ages of some of the Strangetown sims? I'm not asking you to change them back, I can do that myself, I just wanted to know if there was any particular reason you changed them?

Personal preference, mainly. I did make the uberhood primarily for myself, so a couple of things are marked by that. I gave a couple more days to Johnny and Ophelia, I believe, so they'd remain teenagers for a little longer, and I know I changed around the ages of the Curiouses/Smiths. I did this so it'd make more sense with the timeline. Lola and Chloe are young, but they're supposed to be older than the other Curiouses, judging from the pictures, so I made them and PT9 simply have longer lives. They're alien, after all. That way they could still be young AND be older than the brothers + Jenny at the same time. Similarly, Jenny was much too old compared to her brothers, so I made her younger.

Sorry if it bothers you, but yeah, you can change it back. :)

Sims2 Ubermegahood V.2

User sammyhotstud referenced to your post from Sims2 Ubermegahood V.2 saying: [...] I attempted to delete some dead grandparents using SimPE. Or at least, that's what I blamed the glitches on. So after 4 full rotations, many babies, and 20 loves for Mr. Carlos Contender, I scrapped it in favor of the newer, shinier version as provided by  here: [...]

Without BV

On the subject of can you play without, it's yes to without BV. The Travelers wear some random stuff, and the game keeps telling me I've uninstalled BV every time I load it, but it works fine as far as I can tell.
I happened to try it because it didn't occur to me that the Pleasantview + Strangetown was anything but base game, and that ran just fine.
Sunbee on MATY

Good to know. I'm sorry about that with Pleasantview/Strangetown, since I made it on request for someone I wasn't really thinking about the compability. It was merged in my game with all EPs installed, so... (It would've required OFB either way, though, for the shopping district.)

the old bella goth?

Thankyou for making the cleaned templates! very much appreciated!

I have one question if that is okay? what would I need to do to 'revert' the PV bella goth back to the old one - having her as 'mysteriously disappeared'? (I don't mind getting my hands dirty and messing round in simPE)


Glad you like them. :)

There's not really very much mysterious about Bella being "missing". All you need to do is move her to the 'Default' family, which means she won't be available as a townie or otherwise unless you summon her.

Thank you for posting the cleaned uber megahood. I am in the process of getting my game ready for this, but I keep having avast block the download for Bluewater Village since it apparently has a virus. I was wondering if a clean version can be uploaded.

Thanks you.

Hi there!

I promise you, there's no viruses in any of my downloads. :-) Virus protection software gets a little overly paranoid sometimes. Just override it if you can, or turn it off for a second while you download.

By the way, if you're just going to use the uberhood (it wasn't clear from your comment), you don't need all the separate 'hoods, only the uberhood itself. The separate cleaned 'hoods are there in case you want to play them on their own, or have the cleaned subhoods to attach to your main neighbourhoods.

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