Do you know how awesome you are? Thank you so much for all your hard work! <3

(Deleted comment)
Oh, I didn't redo them as subhoods, these are only (updated) clean versions of them. Sorry I wasn't clear on that. :)

Wow! You are too awesome!!
This is going so helpful for everyone!
Thank you so much for all you amazing work <3

This is amazing! Now I can re-create my Legacy hood with all the playables I haven't used yet :)


Thank you :) I love that I can now have multiple unberhood sim universes in my game.

Seriously, this must have been a lot of work, thank you for sharing!

Not as much as you'd think, compared to cleaning them the first time. These were just touch ups. ^^

Thank you so, so much for all of this. <3 :D

This is a lot of stuff to look into. Gonna do so when I've got more time, but thank you!

A question though: do I still have to follow the instructions about the 'clean templates' at More Awesome Than You? (zipping up stuff and replacing and such?) I'm a bit confused about what you mean by 'removing' copies.

Yes, you do. Most of these are replacement templates. :) The only exception is when you put the main 'hoods directly into your Documents\...\Neighborhoods folder, but even then you have to take out any previous versions of the neighbourhoods you might have in there, otherwise you'll overwrite them and that will make them explode, basically. :P

You. Are. Awesome :D So cool ^^;

I really wanted to have an uberhood, but I was so annoyed that many of them had all neighborhoods when I only wanted Pleasantview and Strangetown merged together. I'm so glad I found this! Thank you soo soo much!

I love your Uberhood so much and these just take it to a new level of awesome :).

Any chance you might make one with no sims whatsoever?, I'd love to use it for a building project but have no idea how to do it myself.

Hi there, and thanks for your comment. :)

At this time I don't plan on attemtping to make these without the playables. To do so cleanly and safely would be a lot of work. The easiest way would be to just copy the lots to your bin, after moving the occupants out, and move them to a new neighbourhood. I think there also might be empty templates with the houses on MATY, but I've never tested these so I'm not sure what they're like.

Okay. So I was super excited about this! And I THOUGHT I did everything right but I seem to be having a dilemma.

I downloaded the Strangetown and Veronaville shopping district packages and for some odd reason they aren't showing up to be added as shopping districts, Riverblossom, Desiderata and Bluewater all show up to be added except for Strangetown and Veronaville. I have double checked and triple checked to make sure I put them in the OFB folders.

I took out Pleasentview and replaced it with your's and I took out Strangetown and Veronaville but didn't replace it with your's because I'm under the impression that your not supposed to. Is that where I went wrong? I'm slightly getting confused and feel like I'm missing something >.>

I also downloaded the stealth folders...even though I'm not really sure as to what they do! :O Was I supposed to do that? Or did I royally screw up my game??

Hmm. I assume you put ST and VV in \The Sims 2 Open For Business\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate along with the others.

What EPs do you have?

It doesn't sound like you've done anything wrong. The stealth 'hoods are fine to download, they just replace your existing stealth 'hoods. They're nicknamed "stealth" hoods because they automatically add themselves to every new neighbourhood you create. That's when it says things like 'Creating Pets, Creating Weather, Creating Magic when your 'hood is loading. They contain families like Cyd Roseland and the Ottomas family.

Anyway, that's not your problem here... Let me know what EPs you have, and I'll get back to you.

*is late to the party again*

Amaaazing!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I've love playing your Uberhood more than anything, and I can't wait to play new/different combinations of 'hoods!

Question: Does your cleaned up Downtown have the teens who are related to Jon Tricou???

:) Thanks. Hope you have fun. ^^

In answer to your question, it does not. I considered their relation to him to be a mistake, seeing as it only went one way (teens to John Tricou, but neither he nor his family members recognize the teens as family). I've considred making another version with them in, but I don't know if I'll get around to that or not. Anyway, they're fairly simple to extract and add in with some little SimPE-adjustments. Keep in mind that at least one of them has a borky face template (the gothy kid).

Thank you so much for putting this together. I just installed everything and it's working perfectly. I've never really played with the playable before mainly because I could decide which town to start with. Now, I don't have to choose! Well, there is a bit of choosing but, you get what I mean. :p

I do have a quick question. Some of the other megahoods I have seen (mostly older stuff) warn against creating a custom shopping district if you already have Bluewater Village. I didn't see a similar warning in your post, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

My question is can I make another custom subhood without my game exploding? xD

Hi there! Thank you for your comment. :)

In answer to your question: Yes! You can add as many subhoods as you want. :) The reason older megahoods come with warnings about adding more shopping districts (or downtowns) is that they were made in a very "hacky" way, before better methods were found.

With these templates, there's no trickery involved, they work just like Bluewater Village.

I hope this isn't a stupid question. I haven't tested this yet, and I was just wondering, is "the real Bella Goth" included in Pleasantview? Or does the Strangetown version have her memories and relationships, because I know it originally doesn't. Would I have to go into simPE to make her selectable and edit her memories and relationships?

The "real" Bella Goth, with memories and relationships to the rest of the Goths, exists only in Pleasantview (all versions above).

The Strangetown version does not have any memories or relationships - she cannot, because there aren't any Goths in Strangetown to link them to. That's why I made a version without her, for people who want to link Pleasantview and Strangetown together and only want to have the real Bella.

Yay, it's here! :) I'm so so excited to try this out, now if only Mediafire would quit being such an ass... :D

Thanks so so much for all your hard work on this. Also, does this mean that you can have more than one Uberhood in the game, or am I wrong on that one?

MediaFire tends to enjoy being an ass, doesn't it?

I haven't tested it myself, but as long as the main 'hoods are different, I see no reason why you can't have the subhoods in several different 'hoods at once. So you should be able to have a Pleasantview with Strangetown attached, and a Strangetown with Pleasantview attached, at the same time. I do know the game protests when you manually try to give any 'hood or subhood a name that's already used by a different 'hood or subhood, but hey, you can have several Bluewater Villages, so... Still, if you use something as both a main hood and a subhood elsewhere, it might be wise to name the subhood 'Strangetown subhood' or something.

This is amazing. Thank you for your work! This is going to be the only hood I'll need.

This might be a stupid question, but even more stupid would be not to ask and go wrong, so: is it ok to add for example Desiderata Valley as a shopping district then move all the sims from there to the main hood and then delete Desiderata Valley? ...or is that what the stealth hoods are for? They still remain as a bit too much of a mystery for me those 'stealth' hoods.

Glad to hear you'll enjoy it. :)

As for your question - yes, you can add the subhoods, move out the sims and then delete the subhoods, that's perfectly fine. :) Just remember to not move their whole houses to the lot bin - you probably know that already, but it's such a VBT it just can't be warned about too much. :P

The stealth hoods aren't really that mysterious. They're sort of like any other subhood, except that they automatically add themselves to any new neighbourhood you make. Some of them come with a "secret" neighbourhood (Free Time Hobby 'hood and Apartment Life Witch 'hood), others simply don't have any actual 'hood you can go to or lots, only sims.

I like to use empty ones or just disable them (rename the NeighborhoodTemplate folder to something else) if I don't want the sims that come with them.

My stealth 'hoods are just cleaned up versions of EAxis', containing mostly only the playables.

This is really awesome! I don't really like having too many sub-neighborhoods, so I just moved all families with their house (I got a method to prevent them from losing memories or any VBT from happening) to Belladonna Cove! Sounds crazy, doesn't it? :)

Well, did I notice you tweaked some Sims? You deleted ancestors from family tree and changed the last name of Singles household and Alexandra O'Mackey, but that's really good! It means I don't have to do it myself. But did you also tweaked their ages? I thought Johnny Smith only needed to blow the candle and turned into adult, but when I played him he's still 4 days away...

Thanks. :) Can I ask what this method is? The only safe way I know is moving the sims out, moving the house to the bin and place it in the new (sub)hood and move the sims back in.

I did indeed do a number of changes. Deleting the ancestors was mainly a space saving thing. I thought it was a bit silly that 3/4 of the sims (minus townies) in a 'hood were dead! And either non-resurrectable or just boring template sims.

I did tweak some of the ages. Maybe I shouldn't have... but I did originally make these to my own preference, and I thought Johnny and Ophelia should at least be teens for another day or two before growing up. It's easy enough to change back if you don't like it, though. :)

I was so ridiculously excited when I saw that you had done this. Even though I had only just finished redecorating my Uberhood to make it the way I like it, I could not resist a completely fixed one! However one question, do I still need to fix the Multi-PT's DNA with this hood?

Hi. :) No, Multi-PTs should be fine in these. I haven't made the change (resetting the Sim Creation Index) that made the Multi-PTs reuse garbage DNA.

After seeing this i think I am ready to make my first uberhood ever. Thank you for that. :)

Just one silly question. Is it safe to add this shopping districts to already existing Belladona Cove main hood (with custom downtown and shoping district already attached to it)? Or do I have to replace it with your clean version? I just finished building and decorating my Belladona Cove and it's subhoods so I would want to keep playing them and add some of your subhoods to it.

So, is it possible to keep it?

Yes, that's absolutely possible! :) These really work just like Bluewater Village, so you can add them to any existing neighbourhood. :)

I think I did something wrong, because I got horrible wrong results. I'll try to tell you what I did, and maybe you can see the error?

First: I did remove all the old neighborhoods (they were bloated and creaky and in somecases messed up anyway). I replaced them with the clean ones from this thread. I put only Belladonna Cove into the Neighborhoods folder because, while I don't care much about tombstones in general, it sounded like a cool thing to have a real functioning graveyard. The others I put into their respective neighborhood template folders: the downtown into the Nightlife one, the unis into the uni one, the vacation hoods into the bonvage one, the others into the ofb one, and the stealth ones into each of their respective template folders.

I also removed the neighborhood manager and tutorial figuring that they would regnerate: I had seen some references to corrupt managers and I thought this situation was a prime setup for that, and that it would be safer to get a new one. From looking at the folders, they did regenerate.

I loaded the game and had Belladonna Cove as the only choice, as I expected.

The map was empty of lots. Decorations were in place -- though I think maybe not all of them, I can't be sure -- but no lots.

The sims bin was empty.

I added in Downtown. It had named lots, but no buildings, and no sims.

I added in the universities. Named lots, no buildings, no sims, and the lots were not enterable.

I added in the vacation spots. Lots, buildings, no sims.

Added in two of the shopping districts -- bluewater cove and strangetown -- again, named lots with no buildings, and no sims -- and then I stopped.

It's not supposed to be like this, is it? I looked in the lot bin, but all that was there were lots I had put in before I removed the neighborhoods.

Can you tell from this description what I might have done wrong?

Looking at the earlier thread, I think I see the problem, but not how to fix it. Is there supposed to be a second folder with lots? Because I don't see a second folder for any of the neighborhoods. I've tried redownloading but I don't see anything more to download, and I still get only the one folder in the zip (which contains the neighborhood package, the .png, and in the case of the main hood, the .reia file)

this is wonderful! i've downloaded it, created the hoods, and am in the process of making a lot of stuff over. thanks so much.

i have a question about a very minor point - i noticed that in Riverblossom Hills (as a shopping district with Belladonna Cove as the main hood), the pictures and story text didn't appear in the pop-up when you open the neighborhood. so i copied the files from the original RBH storytelling folder (from My Documents, not C drive) into the uberhood's storytelling folder, but RBH's story actually appeared in Belladonna Cove's intead. any suggestions about this? maybe i should try copy-pasting from the C drive instead?

I did notice this problem myself with Riverblossom Hills, it actually happens with the main 'hood too. I'm not sure if it's something I did or not, but I suspect it's because the 'hood's IDNO (5) doesn't match that of the pictures (1). That's also why they added themselves to your Belladonna Cove.

It's not really a big deal, you can fix it manually by adding the pictures and text to the 'hood family album, since you've already started playing and obviously don't want to start over. I think you'll have to do it ingame, but I'll experiment with changing the names of the pictures.

I'll also try to fix the problem and upload the fix along with the OFB only base game 'hoods.

This might be a stupid question. For all the neighbourhoods, you need to delete the "original" one to replace it with one of these, right? If I make Bluewater Village my main neighbourhood, I shouldn't have to delete any existing neighbourhood, yes?

Thanks for all your hard work!!

That's right, there's no Bluewater Village main hood from before, so it's not going to replace anything.

I downloaded everything and followed all of the directions, but can't seem to get anything to work. I've tried to use different clean 'hoods from other people and they never worked either... I have all of the games and all of the needed hacks. I just don't get why it won't work for me. :/

Hm. If you've followed all the instructions correctly, I don't know what could be wrong... Are you running Windows 7? I think I've heard of people having various trouble with TS2 on Win7.

In what way do they not work, by the way? Do they not show up, or...?

Thanks SO much for all your hard work with these! :) ♥ I just downloaded all the files and now I'm planning what kind of mixed hoods I'm going to try ;)

You're welcome! :)

If you didn't see my post about downtown Belladonna Cove - be careful if you want to use it and the regular downtown at the same time, only one of them will be able to have playables because of EAxis foolishness. I'll upload a shopping district version of BDC when I find the time.

Thanks for this! I've been wanting a clean Riverblossom Hills for a while now, but didn't have all the necessary EPs for the last download. Can't wait to test it out!

Have fun. :) ...The older version of clean Riverblossom Hills only needed Seasons too, though. It was just the combined uberhood that needed all EPs.


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