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Clean Premade EA/Maxis Neighbourhoods - Version 2, and Subhood templates!
Update 02/10/2011: Added mainhood version of downtown, uploaded fixed La Fiesta Tech (fixed Mickey Dosser's face), plus clarified that the base game main hoods will still function with base game only.

At last, I've finished the project I've been working on for a while. New, even cleaner versions of the EAxis neighbourhoods, both as normal neighbourhoods and subhood templates! Now you can build your own uberhood exactly to your liking, no M&G Stuff Pack required!

Also, just to make it clear, the main 'hoods can also be used on their own, as cleaner, better versions of the originals. Just dump them in your Neighborhoods folder (after deleting the old one(s)) and play. :)

There's a lot of information here, so bear with me.

First of all, how are these different from the previous versions (aside from the subhood versions)? The two big things are that all the sims with broken face templates and similar oddities have been fixed, and that I've cleaned up all the marriage and love flags between a living sim and a dead sim. Now Brandi Broke and Timothy Riley and all the rest of them should be able to remarry in everyone's games. There's also a whole bunch of little details, like memories and relationships and such that I missed the first time, AND I've run Mootilda's excellent HoodChecker on them all (it's still in testing, which I've been helping with, so it's not available for download yet), getting rid of leftover stuff that I couldn't do in SimPE. Oh, and if you go to the graveyard lot in Belladonna Cove, you'll be in for a little surprise...

There is no subhood version of Belladonna Cove yet, because I ran into some problems with that one. If I manage to fix it later, I'll upload it. If not... you'll just have to live with Belladonna Cove being your main hood, if you want to include it. There is one now! But it requires M&G. Read more below. 06/07/11: Shopping district version also available.

All the subhoods are shopping districts/suburbs. This means that OFB is required. I didn't think it made sense to make any of the small towns into a downtown. Belladonna Cove would be the exception to this, but like I said, that didn't work out...

Before we get to the 'hood downloads:

In order to have all the subhood templates available to you when you add a subhood ingame, you'll need THIS MOD by Mootilda. Only the shopping district one is necessary, but I recommend getting all of them.

Pescado's mods, particularly the ones that prevent spawning of massive amounts of townies, NPCs and strays.
Squinge's mod that prevents memory loss for townies and NPCs. If you install this before playing Pleasantview, Bella Goth won't lose her memories (nor will other townies or unplayable characters).


...Whew. That's a lot of text. I've probably made a few typos and I'm sure at least one of the links was pasted incorrectly or something like that, but I'm too tired to proofread much right now. Let me know if there's any problems. And enjoy. :)

Hi, sorry to bother you, but I've heard all sorts of rumours in the past about how the playables in Veronaville and Strangetown are buggy, which is why InTeen goes haywire there, and I'd been hoping it wouldn't be the case with your subhoods, but I have been having problems with InTeen in those hoods. I don't know if this is something you'd be able to fix, but I thought you might appreciate the feedback, in case it's maybe a sign that some of the playables still have underlying borkiness.

Hey there. Hmm, that's interesting, someone else complained about InTeen doing strange things in Strangetown too, specifically with Vidcund (making him behave like a teen in some ways).

Unfortunately I have no idea what sort of borkiness could be causing it (I was assuming it was a problem with InTeen itself, since it's such a complicated mod), it's apparently not something which I've been able to sort out through the normal cleaning process I do (fixing memories, DNA, deleting junk), and I've assumed that the playables are mostly okay.

However, seeing as many of the playables in Strangetown and Veronaville have borked DNA to begin with, it wouldn't surprise me if there's something else off with them. All I can say is that they've played normally in my 'hoods, but I don't use InTeen, so...

I'll try having a look, even if I don't know what I'm looking for. It'd help if you could tell me which sims are affected in your 'hood, and how they are affected.

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*Puts on her brave face after months of being absent from TS2 and the community to attempt using these templates for a new megahood*

Hey, good to see you again! Hope the templates work to your satisfaction. :)

(is really very significantly late to the party)

Is there any reason someone couldn't attach BDC as both a business district and a second downtown and then move the families from the business district into their corresponding residences in a BDC-downtown? (other than the extra memory load of yet another shopping district)

Not any reason I can think of, but of course, do so at your own risk. You could even delete the BDC shopping district afterwards.

Did you ever find out what the Kims and the Kats need, in addition to Pets? Because I have a problem with getting Robert a job, and was wondering if it was because I don't have Mansion & Garden installed.

No, I haven't checked. But by "working" I meant to make them appear in the game at all. I don't think your issue with Robert is related to EPs or lack thereof. But I have been wrong before.

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I know this is super late to be asking but I just came across this yesterday. It says that you have to regenerate the neighborhood folders if we put it in the install location folders. How would I regenerate the neighborhood folders in my Documents folder?

You simply delete the Neighborhood folder in the Documents folder (taking out any neighbourhoods you want to keep, of course, and put them back in later - as long as they don't share folder numbers with the premade 'hoods!). Then the game will make a new Neighborhood folder the next time you start the game, and copy all of my templates that you put into the install locations into it.

Putting the main 'hood templates in the install location is only if you would like to be able to restart your game frequently, and want the game to regenerate using my templates instead of the Maxis templates, like described above. Otherwise it's easier to dump them directly into your Documents/Neighborhood folder.

Is there a way that individual Sim Familes from the game can be "cleaned" and re-entered into the game if you accidently deleted them?

Um, no, not really. Deleting sim families from the sim bin (presumably what you did?) is considered to be a Very Bad Thing that will corrupt your neighbourhood. You can possibly clean up the mess left behind, but that's a time consuming procedure in SimPE that I don't even really want to begin to explain, and there's no guarantee that your 'hood isn't already corrupted anyway. For the only safe way to delete sims, see here.

As for putting sims back in, you can extract their appearance in SimPE and recreate them in CAS, sure. But if you want to restore family relationships to other families, memories, etc, this is, once more, a slow and painstaking process in SimPE.

My advice for playing TS2 is: ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS of your neighbourhoods. Lots of them! Preferably before every time you play. If you don't, you're pretty much screwed if something bad happens to your neighbourhood.

Edited at 2012-09-25 06:29 am (UTC)

Downloaded Belladona Cove & Pleasantview. By about the 3rd time I went into Goth house, Cassandra could not interact with Don; even in HIS lot, whenever either of them tried to interact in any way they error out. Entered testing mode while in Goth house; had no problem getting Cassandra's old man to "remarry" Bella (yea!) but Cassandra can't get dis-engaged from Don. Error msg usually had Cassandra's name, but sometimes Don - so I killed him. Error reads:

an error occured in object "N001_user 00011-Dpm"#76. Errpr" {rpb;e, execitomg scro[t (Attraction Score):run-time: (none):0:attempt to perform arithmetic on field '?' (a nil value)stack traceback: (none): in function "attraction score"

All of which means nothing to me; but when it said THIS in the first line (instead of Don): "controller-Casual Romance-Main" #55
I thought it had something to do with a big behave mod "ARC". So I removed it from downloads; it didn't change anything.

I don't know what might be causing this problem, but I've never experienced it and I've never had anyone else complain about it, so I highly doubt it has anything to do with my template. Have you tried removing ALL of your mods/hacks?

Removed behav mod folder: didn't help. Am going try reinstall hood (maybe something broke?), and will reinstall Belladona too, as I didn't see the instructions to install it FIRST/start game/exit.

Wish I could be of more help, but I really have no idea. Something could have broken along the way for whatever reason, TS2 is kind of unstable at best.

Re-installing fixed!YAH And thanks for the graveyard - although I wonder if it "does" anything...

That's good! :) The graveyard in BDC doesn't really do anything, except have ghosts for your knowledge sims, I guess. :P

Re-re-reading this long thread, I've realized I can't attach BDC as downtown OR shopping (no M&G). So am delaying deleting the main-hood version I'm having problems with. I've never liked the hood, but am having fun with the little guys.

UPDATE: BDC now working (for no apparent reason). Now Desiderata won't load (for no apparent reason!). So I'm thinking of downloading your Desiderata main hood, but I have questions.

You said install EITHER via Documents or {in my case} C-drive; these both end showing a folder "F001". Is the reason you can use either routs because they both are actually going to THE SAME F001 folder? But in that case, why do I need to only back up the folder if I go through C-drive (or is that what you ment)? And what did you mean by "You need to regenerate the Neighborhoods folder in Documents for the new hood to show up"?

Edited at 2012-10-23 05:17 pm (UTC)

Putting them in the install location is for when you want my templates to replace the default templates, and for the game to generate the neighbourhoods from my templates whenever you start over (by deleting the Neighborhoods folder in Documents). The easiest way is to just put the neighbourhood in the Documents location.

Now I'm even more confused (sorry!) I DO want to replace the default Desiderata (since it seems to be so borked it won't even load). So are you saying I should go documents/EA/Sims2/Neighborhoods, remove folder F001, and add YOURS?

Unless you've made changes to your default Desiderata Valley, it's no more or less borked than anyone else's. It seems to me that your loading and crashing problems might be related to something outside of the neighbourhoods, although I'm not qualified to tell you what, besides that it's probably custom content related.

You CAN replace your F001 in your -INSTALL LOCATION-\The Sims 2 FreeTime\TSData\Res\UserData\Neighborhoods folder, in which case you SHOULD back up the original just in case you want it back. But I think you're better off just deleting the F001 in your Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods folder and replacing that with mine.

Just to be clear:
-INSTALL LOCATION-\The Sims 2 FreeTime\TSData\Res\UserData\Neighborhoods is where the template for Desiderata Valley is located. When the game creates a new Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods folder for you (but only then!), it will copy F001 from this location to that location. The same goes for the other main 'hoods, from their respective install locations. You put my neighbourhoods in the install locations if you want the game to use my templates whenever you decide to start your game over in the future.

Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods is where your currently active, played hoods are located. Your put my neighbourhoods directly into this folder if you just want to play them now and don't make a habit of deleting this folder to let the game regenerate it.

The second option is really the best for most people. It's what I do, too.

Thank you so much for all your help! To paraphrase you (well, my mind just works this way) putting hoods in the Documents location is like downloading any kind of default-replacement (like my default skin tones); it overrides, but doesn't change, the Maxis stuff.

I let Desiderata crank away for 5 minutes or so; it finally loaded!

Incidentally, I thought Mootilda's mod wasn't working and read through her comments. Someone else had same problem that she didn't have answer to, probably because it's OBVIOUS what we were doing wrong! When you add the first shopping district there is a LIST to choose from(the 5 I got from you). But when you go back to try to add the rest, you see the picture of the one you just added, and the button "add custom" - which I thought was just to CREATE a new hood myself. HA HA --when I finally clicked on it, it showed the list of new hoods to install!

PS and of course I can't get away without a question:
Motilda's mod allows choosing multiple Downtowns the same way, but I thought YOU were saying you could only have a SECOND Downtown (BDC, which is only available if you have M&G). Just curious: I made a custom main hood, vacation hood, and univ hood, then attached 5 Shopping hoods - and this ought to be enough even for me!

Yeah, sort of, I guess. :) But yeah, the version in the Documents folder is the one you are currently, actually playing. The one in the install location is a clean version for copying in when needed, it's never actually used while playing. Everything that's generated in your Documents folder, not just the neighbourhoods, come from specific "template" folders in the install location.

You can have as many downtowns as you want, but because of some EAxis quirk, only the FIRST one you add to a neighbourhood will have any sims in it. The second, third, etc won't have any sims copied in (if there are any). This only matters when you want to have more than one populated downtown, though, which really only happens if you use the Belladonna Cove downtown template I made.

In practice, this means that if you add Belladonna Cove Downtown, then the regular downtown, you won't get the Tricous or any other downtownies. If you add the regular downtown first, then the Belladonna Cove downtown, you will get the Tricous etc, BUT you won't get any of the playables in BDC - only the empty buildings!

But yeah, it sounds like you have enough stuff going on in your neighbourhood already! :)

Of all the stupid stuff going wrong, that either "fixed itself" or I fixed, here'e one still boinky.

I attached your Bluewater shopping to my new hood (removing the one that was in c-drive-route)but when I enter there is NOTHING there. Only lots are business, with the name but no building. No sims anywhere.

Tried re-installing yours; STILL EMPTY HOODS... hum did I read this somewhere? will look

Edited at 2012-10-27 07:03 pm (UTC)

Sounds like you're missing the Lots folder/it's empty/corrupted somehow in Bluewater, and possibly the Characters folder too, but it's very hard for me to say what exactly is going wrong without actually having access to your computer.

I think I should get the prize for messing everything up the most. Everything looks correct in c-drive route to shopping districts: your B001, B994, B995, B997, B998. The last 4 are playable, but Bluewater STILL (after 3rd download) has empty lots.

Incidentially, I save to desktop,extract & drag the folder to the C-drive "neighborhood" - could this be "breaking" something?--tested: this IS the only way to do it.

Worse, when I started playing my main (created) hood, I put the Oldies here, had them invite Pleasants to move in, moved them all to Pleasantview. I had looked in the hood for Pleasant family before & couldn't find them. NOW when I entered Riverblossom it loaded LIKE A NEW HOOD (generating weather,etc). And there were the Pleasants, like they've never been played! So now I have 2 Pleasant families.

Well this just won't do! Could start all over, re-installing all the shopping hoods, but I would want to keep my carefully crafted new hood (L.A.). But now there are people in it who have memories of people I would be deleting..and there's no way to remove them . Maybe I should just remove I can't remove Riverblossom, in the main hood I've seen people greating others who are from there (Bixby, Greenman, etc).

Edited at 2012-10-28 05:22 am (UTC)

I'll be honest here: I have absolutely no idea what you've been doing. But you must have been doing something wrong.

I recommend just downloading the pre-built uberhood here instead.

Thanks, your'e really great at keeping up with "people like me". But since I don't have M&G, and never liked Veronaville, I think I'll just disasseble everything and start over.
Found stuff in strange places: pieces of stuff in my Downloads! and Bluewater.sc4 in c-drive...user data/sc4 terrains!

UPDATE: Created everything new; refrained from playing anything till I had everything installed. Noticed (in Desiderata)the Newbies "lean how to play"; after playing in various hoods, went back to play them (how sweet! Will they kill themselves?) but disapointed that the lot was GONE! Ya know why?

And a question: was glad you supplied the missing Bella in Pleasantview, and am playing her, but found wierd: in Mortimer's relationship panel she was a friend, but her name was Taina Richards. He (and kids) had Taina as the mother of kids in their family tree. Had her move in; her only memories are "kissed mystery sim", and "went college" - no memory of marrying, cheating, having kids, divorce. And she is YOUNGER that Cassandra! Is this as you made her and is this more borkage? Just curious, as I will just leave them alone.

Edited at 2012-10-31 03:52 pm (UTC)

Uh... What? The Newbies? Do you mean the Tutorial people? How on earth did you get them in Desiderata Valley? O.o

Bella Goth is a regular townie in my template. That means her name gets randomized when Pleasantview is added as a subhood. It says so in the post above. Quote:

ATTN: It's important to remember that when merging in a subhood, the game will randomize all townie and service NPC names! That means Meadow Thayer, Kaylynn Langerak, Crystal Vu, and even Bella Goth, will all get different names. You'll have to fix this with an ingame tool like the Sim Blender, or SimPE.

The game also gives townies generic, boring townie memories, which is why the memories I carefully crafted for Bella are gone in your neighbourhood. The only way I've found to prevent that is to IMMEDIATELY move her into a playable family before she has the chance to show up as a townie walkby. She is also younger than Cassandra because townies have their age reset, but the original Bella is also at the beginning of her adult stage. I figure Mortimer used her as a (voluntary) test subject for his Elixir of Life. *shrugs*

haha works for me! I remember the Newby family (parents & 2 kids), but not whither they were originally in Desiderata. As far as "Bella Goth", she isn't exactly a generic townie, as she shows (with her random name) as the mom, in the family tree of kids & Mortimor. When I saw that, I looked in his friends panel, & she was a good friend. It only took a day to invite her over. In a few days they married, then I changed her first name. Guess everything is OK, just odd.

The only pre-made family named "Newbie" in The Sims 2 are Brandi Broke's parents, and they're dead (and unplayable).

I know that Bella isn't a "generic townie", that's not what I meant, but she is part of the townie family and therefore has townie behaviours. But of course she still IS Bella Goth, and that's why she has family relations to the Goths...

I do remember playing them (long ago!); the game "prompts" you, like it does with some other families. And with this new hood, I clicked on their house to see who they were: man with a beard, woman, 2 kids. But anyway, after playing other families, they are just gone.

I... think you're remembering The Sims 1. I don't know what happened in your Desiderata Valley, but it seems to be quite unique to your game and nothing I can help you with or explain, sorry.

I never had Sims1. So guess it's REALLY odd it was in your hood. O well. Back to the games...

hey, i've just recently stumbled upon your post and i'm having problems with the shopping districts. i've downloaded mootilda's mod and placed the files in the correct folders, but i'm still only seeing bluewater village as an option! any ideas on how to fix this?

Hey there.

If everything is done correctly, there's no reason this shouldn't work. When you try to add a shopping district, do you still just get a big button for adding Bluewater Village, or do you get a "list" with only the one option?

If you get the big button, make sure that:
1. You have put the correct mod by Mootilda in your Downloads folder.
2. That custom content is enabled in your game.

If you get the list, make sure that you have indeed put the shopping district templates in the correct place. It's possible that this is more complicated if you have Windows 7, though I'm not sure about that. I don't run TS2 on a Win7 machine myself, so I can't troubleshoot that particular type of issue.

Installing Le Uberhood

I know I sound like a bit of an idiot, but I don't know how to get to the file locations needed to install the hoods as shopping districts files. If it helps, I have every ep except pets and some of my eps are a part of compilation releases (Best of Business, University Life). I hope I'm not just being really stupid ^^;

Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Installing Le Uberhood

You will most likely find them in C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\, although I don't know what the folder structures for the compilation releases are like because I have the original EPs myself.

Hey, I know you're busy with Christmas things. Happy Holidays and thanks for all your work on the templates, kindness in sharing, and patience with people's struggles with technology.

I'm just curious about a little baby I had born when using your Pleasantview. I know you added recessive genes to some folks. I also know that you can't have possibly memorized every instance of doing so. But...... I'm ever so curious.

Cassandra Goth is married to Seasons garden club townie Toby Breunig, who has brown hair and dark blue eyes. They just had a daughter with red hair. I'm just wondering if the red hair came from Cassandra or Toby?

Hi there, and Happy Holidays! :)

You got me curious too, so I went to have a look at their genes.

Turns out Toby is a genetic redhead. I had nothing to do with that, EA just does that with the townies sometimes!

But Cassandra only has genetics for black hair, which makes me a little confused. Red hair is recessive, and black is dominant, so Cassandra and Toby should only produce black-haired children... unless you have a mod that makes all the hair colours equally dominant?

Hi, Meetme2theriver !
I followed your instructions and am about to download your clean hoods.
I have TwoJeff's upgraded Simblender, the hacks to stop regenerating townies, strays, and npc's.
Also downloaded Mootildas' downtown/shopping mods; so I can have the Tricous' as well as other downtowns enabled.

Question : Does TwoJeff's Inteenimator conflict with the clean-up hoods ?
Thanks for any help :)

Hi there! :)

InTeen doesn't conflict with the 'hoods as such, but there have been a couple of reports of strange things happening with certain pre-mades when using InTeen. Especially Vidcund Curious and the Summerdreams. This isn't only an issue with my cleaned 'hoods, but is present also in the original Maxis templates. I don't think it's anything very serious, however, although of course, use InTeen at your own risk! It's a very intrusive mod, so is my understanding.

Good luck and have fun. :)

First of all: thank you for a nice, clean, shiny Riverblossom Hills! And for a clean Apartment Life stealth hood, too!

I have a few questions that I'm hoping you can answer about the Bon Voyage stealth 'hood. After regenerating my Neighborhoods folder at least a dozen times, trying different iterations of attaching subhoods (Bluewater, Veronaville, Desiderata Valley) to main 'hoods (Belladonna Cove and RBH), I can't for the life of me figure out what's going wrong. The Traveller family appears in the bin just fine, but I can't attach any of the premade vacation destinations. The game tells me that they've all already been attached to that 'hood...which isn't true as I've just loaded the 'hood for the first time!

I'm using a combination of your clean templates for some 'hoods (as mentioned), as well as some of the empty templates found at MATY (for the Pets, Weather and Hobbies stealth hoods because I don't want any of those binned families and it's faster to just not let the game install them at all than delete them later). I've also tried using Argon's empty BV templates, but I get the same results as with your clean one, just without the Travellers.

I've read all of the comments here, as well as a great deal of comments in the thread I picked up Argon's templates from, but I can't find anyone else mentioning the same issue - leaving me to conclude that PEBKAC. :\ All of the other templates are working just fine, so I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with this particular stealth 'hood. It's only troublesome because I am not overly fond of the idea of building my own vacation destinations. That's why I wanted the clean and empty templates, after all! :(

Hi there. :)

Hmm. This is an odd problem you're having. I'm not sure what could be wrong, but I'll try helping you troubleshoot.

First of all, the stealth hood for Bon Voyage (V001), which contains the Travellers and (in an un-cleaned version) lots of dodgy tourist NPCs, doesn't actually have anything to do with the vacation destinations. Since the vacation 'hoods are the only ones I didn't do anything with or offer for download, I don't think this can possibly be related to my templates.

However, you say you've been using other templates as well, so perhaps something went wrong somewhere along the way there.

The folders for the vacation destinations should be located in the same place as your V001 folder, in The Sims 2 Bon Voyage\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate\. They are called A001 (Takemizu Village), M001 (Three Lakes) and T001 (Twikkii Island). First, make sure you have these folders, and that they all have a Lots folder with content, a Thumbnails folder with content, and a [XXXX]_Neighbourhood.package file where [XXXX] is the number for the neighbourhood.

If you have tried to replace these folders at all, with Argon's empty templates or anything else, try restoring the original folders. If you don't have them, I can upload them for you. (Although I use Argon's clean ones - without vacation locals - with no problem myself.)

If none of that works, try running your game without CC and see if that helps. Try adding the vacation destinations to a totally empty neighbourhood with no other subhoods in it.

I hope that might help!

Edited at 2013-01-19 06:03 pm (UTC)

Even though I'm following your instructions for the gravestones in Belladonna Cove, they keep disappearing. They seem to be fine when Belladonna Cove is the only neighborhood in the folder, but they disappear the minute I add the others.

Is it going to corrupt the neighborhood if they're gone (deleting tombstones deleting character data and all that)? I'm tired of fighting with them.

I'm not deleting them, I'm just afraid that them disappearing will have the same affect as if they were deleted to clear up my last sentence.

...confused veteran player...

Ugh, I am going to sound like the biggest dummy right now. I am looking to start fresh with my game. I am interested in clean templates so I don't have to use the deleteallcharacters cheat, as I've heard it causes problems. I never had any problems, but better safe than sorry.

I have all expansion and stuff packs. I want to keep all premade families and binned families, except the Ottamas family (unless there is a way to fix them).

I don't want the option of a megahood, or turning neighborhoods into subhoods.

I simply want my game to not plant the same NPCs and Townies in all my neighborhoods.

I know that I need some of the hacks from MATY to keep my game from generating too many NPCs, etc. Can I get the simplest answer possible on what I need to download here and where I am to install everything?

Re: ...confused veteran player...

Wait, wait, wait, I think I may have figured it out. I downloaded the six clean templates for the main neighborhoods. These should come with all playables and any NPC or Townie that has relationships with playables, right? Then I downloaded the three uni templates, the downtown and Bluewater templates, and all the stealth hood templates. I don't have to place any of these in my neighborhoods folder because the game will generate these neighborhoods on its own.

Am I going crazy or do I finally have this straightened out?


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