January 8th, 2014


Tutorial: How to DISABLE the "stealth 'hoods" for The Sims 2

It has come to my attention that very few people know that you can actually do this, and rather than explaining it to a handful of people in #sims2chat over and over again, I decided I'd write a little tutorial for how to do it.

Background: You need to know what a "stealth 'hood" is, first. This is the community's loving name for the "neighbourhoods" that attach themselves to every single neighbourhood you make, ever since the Pets EP. (This is what's happening when it says "Creating Pets", "Creating Weather", etc - those are actually the names of the stealth 'hoods!) Basically they are hidden subhoods that contain very little of value and that your sims can never visit (with the exception of the Free Time and Apartment Life ones, more on that below), and the only thing they do is add a bunch of sims to your neighbourhood, which you may or may not want.

These sims are the playable "sim bin" sims, such as Cyd Roseland (Pets), the Ottomas family (Seasons), the Traveller family (Bon Voyage), etc. There's also a number of townies and NPCs included, such as strays, the Garden Club, tourists, social group townies, hobby mavens, etc. You can of course get my cleaned templates if you only want the playables (and some of the NPCs), or the empty templates from MATY if you don't want any of the sims at all.

But if you truly want a completely clean neighbourhood, free of EAxis created scum, there's a better way - disable the stealth 'hoods completely, so that they never get added to your neighbourhood at all!

NOTE: This will not affect any of your existing neighbourhoods! It's only useful for when you create a new neighbourhood (just like the empty/clean templates).

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