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Clean Uberhood - FINISHED! Downloads!



Just in time for Christmas, too.

There are two versions:

Uberhood Complete
Belladonna Cove with Pleasantview, Strangetown, Veronaville, Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley and Bluewater Village as shopping districts. Has all "stealth hood" (bin) families. Has all three universities and Downtown attached, as well as Tara Kat in Pleasantview and the Kim family in Bluewater Village. Contains every single playable sim from every EP. 593 character files. Roughly 333MB .RAR file.

Uberhood Light
Belladonna Cove with Pleasantview, Strangetown, Veronaville, Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley and Bluewater Village as shopping districts. Has all "stealth hood" (bin) families. No universities or downtown attached. No Kat or Kim families. 531 character files. Roughly 249MB .RAR file.


Details and some technical details below (if you don't understand something, ignore it, it's not very important).

Features (this list may expand as I remember more things):
* ALL MEMORIES FIXED. Memories have been added, removed, sorted, fixed, changed and generally made better for every single sim. I have also gone through the memories after the merging and made sure they all point to the right NID, so that the FFS Debugger will not see them as corrupted. (Memories related to the incomplete dead sims in the three base game hoods will still be seen as corrupted by the debugger, however. This is not something I can fix. The memories are unlikely to do any harm, though.)
* ALL DNA FIXED. Buggy DNA has been fixed, recessive genes have been added so that inheritance makes sense, and so on.
* ALL RELATIONSHIPS FIXED. Sims know the sims they should know, are related to the sims they should be related to, family trees have been fixed, etc.
* All garbage that I could find and safely delete has been deleted. No stray SWAF files, no relationships between Unknown and Unknown, etc. (I have not deleted any SDNA as, according to J.M. Pescado, this is a VBT. I do not think the merging copies over files it doesn't need, however, so only garbage-SDNA from Belladonna Cove should be left over.)
* MOST Townies and Service NPCs have been DELETED. The only ones left are the head witches from Belladonna Cove, Crystal Vu, Abhijeet Cho and Meredith Lillard from Strangetown, a fairly small number of townies from Bluewater Village who either have relationships with sims or businesses, and all the Pleasantview townies and NPCs, minus the non-interactable ones (drivers, social workers, social bunnies, repo men). All of them have their original names. DNA has been fixed/altered on some of them. I've also kept the Garden Club sims from the Seasons stealth hood, and the adoptable pets and strays from the Pets stealth hood.
* Most of the "second level" of the playables' dead ancestors have been DELETED. This means playables' grandparents for the most part, such as Daniel Pleasant's grandparents. The exceptions to this is if the dead family member is needed for the family tree to make sense (to link two playables together, for instance) or has some other importance, OR if the dead sim has a grave (Goth and Capp graveyards). All playables have parents, however, if any were available.
* NONE(*) of the dead sims have memories, and I don't recommend resurrecting any of them. Most are probably safe, but I don't want anyone to break their 'hood because of a resurrected, broken sim (the ones in Olive's graveyard are particularly suspicious), so I say you shouldn't touch any of them. (*) There is ONE exception to this: The Tricous, and Rainelle Neengia in Downtown. They DO have memories, fixed and constructed by me, and I have tested that they can be safely resurrected. :)
* There are TWO Bella Goths: The Pleasantview one which is the "real" one, with relationships to and memories of the other Goths, and the Strangetown one with no memories or relationships. Both have been fixed up, both are townies and can show up randomly as passerbys or on community lots. If you want to keep the real Bella's memories (constructed by me), you can't move her in through the normal "propose... move in/marriage" but instead you must use an alternate method such as Inge's Teleporter Cat, otherwise her memories will be replaced by the default townie memories.
* Many various fixes were done, too many for me to remember or list them all. You'll probably see some of them as you play, such as the elder Montys' retirements working correctly now, Brandi Broke's unborn child working normally instead of being her clone, etc.
* Uninteresting technical info - the Sim Creation Index has been reset, though not until after I'd merged the hoods (but before I added the unis and downtown). This means that the NIDs go up to nearly 2000, but there are many, many gaps to be filled and with the SCI reset, those gaps WILL be filled by new births, new townies and NPCs, and so on.

* Chastity Gere's father, Inigo Gere, has an unknown, deleted sim in his family tree. I was unable to remove it because SimPE throws an error when I try to look at his family ties. Ingame, this appears as a "..." next to his picture in the tree to show that he's got more family, but if you click on him, nothing is shown. This is not because of anything I did but an error made by EAxis, it looks like they accidentally deleted his mother and didn't get rid of the garbage left behind. He had memories of an unknown sim too, but I removed those.
* Dead sims. Don't touch them (except the Tricous & Rainelle Neengia). I've fixed them as much as I could, but not added memories. Some are fine, some are completely borked. Most of the dead sims from the base game have no character data - this means that they CANNOT be resurrected, and Pescado's FFS Lot Debugger will wipe any memories of them if you use its 'wipe corrupt' option.
* Although I haven't tried it myself so I don't know what it actually will do, I've seen this warning on every other merged hood/megahood out there: DO NOT ADD ANY NEW SHOPPING DISTRICTS, EVER. Apparently it will break the 'hood completely. I choose to heed this warning.
* Not so much an issue, but all the scripted events in the base game hoods (the little popups, Vidcund's abduction, the cockroaches that cause Nervous' aspiration failure, the burglar at the Caliente house...) will no longer work, because of the merging.

That's it, for now... I think. I will edit if I think of anything else.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is an issue with this Uberhood and the Multi-PT hacks, click here to find out how to fix it!

Enjoy! And if you see anything weird or buggy or incorrect or inconsistent, no matter how tiny and insignificant it may seem, please let me know! (If you don't find anything, I'd be happy to know about that too. :))

Merry Christmas from me!

(Also special thanks to my SO for being with me and offering help and encouragement while I worked on this, to Mixreality for her advice and learnings that helped me fix some of the more annoying little details, SaraMK for her 'hood merging tutorial, J.M. Pescado for certainly being More Awesome Than Me, and everyone who's supported me and shown interest in this project!)
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