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Borked Face Templates and Pre-Made Sims (and how to fix them!)

So, as many of you may be aware of, two of the default Maxis face templates - 21 and 25 - are broken, as in they're not linked correctly to the other ages. They'll show up as face template 2 for any other age than adult (sometimes the elf template).

There is a fix for this by Argon, here:,9028.0.html. It'll fix any new sims created with those templates (and fixes default replacements, too).

However, this doesn't do any good for any sims already created with the borked templates. This includes several Maxis pre-mades, playables and townies alike. They pass on this borkiness to their children.

Thanks to strange_tomato, I found this tutorial: It explains how to make facial surgery genetic. Using this, I'll be able to fix the broken pre-mades through SimPE, and I'll soon start working on this for my clean templates and the uberhood.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of the broken pre-mades, and any help would be appreciated. I'm mainly interested in playables and townies/NPCs which are in the uberhood/templates, which I will fix, but for reference we can make a list of other townies/NPCs/downtownies/dormies as well.

Here's the ones I know:

Cassidy Pederson (NPC bartender)

Hal Capp

Sim State University:
Jared Starchild
Martin Ruben
Joshua Ruben

La Fiesta Tech:
Mickey Dosser

Academie Le Tour:
Tom Freshe

Bluewater Village:
Breanna Custer (townie) - name randomizes when adding BV as a shopping district.

Desiderata Valley:
Sophia Jocque
Violet Jocque (has some features from Sophia)

FT Stealth Hood:
Jessica Picaso

Not the in Uberhood and clean templates:

Several downtownies as well as townies and NPCs from the various other base 'hoods.

There's also a couple of other... quirks in the pre-mades' genetics. Gilbert Jacquet, Denise Jacquet and Jasmine Rai have all been given surgery by Maxis, so their genetics do not match their looks, to lesser or greater extents. If you clone them and look at them in Body Shop, you'll see what I mean. I'll be able to fix this too, but should I? And if I do, should their genetics to be set like what they look like, or should their looks be set like their genetics? Do you know of other sims like this?

Also, in the case of Hal Capp, should his genetics/looks be made to match what he looks like as a child, when the game starts, or what he WILL look like as an adult with the correct template?

Let me know your opinions.
Tags: bork, broken faces, clean premade neighbourhoods, clean uberhood

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