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Clean Premade EA/Maxis Neighbourhoods - Version 2, and Subhood templates!

Update 02/10/2011: Added mainhood version of downtown, uploaded fixed La Fiesta Tech (fixed Mickey Dosser's face), plus clarified that the base game main hoods will still function with base game only.

At last, I've finished the project I've been working on for a while. New, even cleaner versions of the EAxis neighbourhoods, both as normal neighbourhoods and subhood templates! Now you can build your own uberhood exactly to your liking, no M&G Stuff Pack required!

Also, just to make it clear, the main 'hoods can also be used on their own, as cleaner, better versions of the originals. Just dump them in your Neighborhoods folder (after deleting the old one(s)) and play. :)

There's a lot of information here, so bear with me.

First of all, how are these different from the previous versions (aside from the subhood versions)? The two big things are that all the sims with broken face templates and similar oddities have been fixed, and that I've cleaned up all the marriage and love flags between a living sim and a dead sim. Now Brandi Broke and Timothy Riley and all the rest of them should be able to remarry in everyone's games. There's also a whole bunch of little details, like memories and relationships and such that I missed the first time, AND I've run Mootilda's excellent HoodChecker on them all (it's still in testing, which I've been helping with, so it's not available for download yet), getting rid of leftover stuff that I couldn't do in SimPE. Oh, and if you go to the graveyard lot in Belladonna Cove, you'll be in for a little surprise...

There is no subhood version of Belladonna Cove yet, because I ran into some problems with that one. If I manage to fix it later, I'll upload it. If not... you'll just have to live with Belladonna Cove being your main hood, if you want to include it. There is one now! But it requires M&G. Read more below. 06/07/11: Shopping district version also available.

All the subhoods are shopping districts/suburbs. This means that OFB is required. I didn't think it made sense to make any of the small towns into a downtown. Belladonna Cove would be the exception to this, but like I said, that didn't work out...

Before we get to the 'hood downloads:

In order to have all the subhood templates available to you when you add a subhood ingame, you'll need THIS MOD by Mootilda. Only the shopping district one is necessary, but I recommend getting all of them.

Pescado's mods, particularly the ones that prevent spawning of massive amounts of townies, NPCs and strays.
Squinge's mod that prevents memory loss for townies and NPCs. If you install this before playing Pleasantview, Bella Goth won't lose her memories (nor will other townies or unplayable characters).


...Whew. That's a lot of text. I've probably made a few typos and I'm sure at least one of the links was pasted incorrectly or something like that, but I'm too tired to proofread much right now. Let me know if there's any problems. And enjoy. :)
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