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Fixed dead Pleasantview and Strangetown

You may remember my fixed dead Veronaville, which I fixed so that it's possible to resurrect all the dead sims, by giving them all character data?

Well, I did the same for Pleasantview and Strangetown.

And then I neglected to upload them for a long time.

But here they are.

Features: All the dead sims which can be found in my regular clean templates (meaning no grandparents) now have character data and can be resurrected. I have also fixed the previously resurrectable but corrupted sims (especially in Olive's graveyard), and made a few tweaks to a couple of other dead sims as well.

Sims with corrupted or missing faces have obviously been given new ones. These are mostly my own edits of the extracted(? They can't be extracted if there's no character data to extract? Wish I knew how those were made...) versions found here. Lyla Grunt's new face was made by strange_tomato. Michael Bachelor's face wasn't broken but was a boring straight face 2 template, so I replaced it with skellington7d's version. My thanks to them for letting me use their work in these templates! I also changed Darleen Dreamer's straight face 2 just a little bit, and gave Skip Broke the dark blue eyes he SHOULD have. Note that Michael and Darleen's new faces won't show unless they take a trip to the mirror.

All resurrection is done at your own risk. While I think it should be fine to do so, I cannot absolutely 100% guarantee that all these sims are safe to resurrect, despite my fixes. There might still be some sort of corruption lurking somewhere that I don't know about. (And for all my efforts, I could not stop the most utterly broken of Olive's victims, Knut Futa, from having his personality and skills randomized when resurrected.) BUT... it's at least POSSIBLE to resurrect them all now, and it's sure a hell of a lot SAFER to resurrect the corrupted sims than it was!

Note that none of the dead sims have any memories whatsoever. Also note that I don't know whether or not these templates will work in a game without all the EPs installed. (Though feel free to test.)

Strangetown comes as no Bella, subhood version only: HERE

Pleasantview comes with townies, in both a subhood version HERE and main hood version HERE.

I'm not going to make any other versions, but it's easy enough to convert the Strangetown subhood back into a main hood by using Mootilda's tutorial (just reverse the process).

Hope you'll get some use out of them! Let me know if there's any trouble.
Tags: clean premade neighbourhoods, download, fixed dead, pleasantview, strangetown
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