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Riverblossom Hills: Sharpe (R4)

Meet the Sharpes! They have just moved to Riverblossom Hills, and renovated the small house on 202 Town Center Road, so they can be close to their two children who are attending the nearby Académie Le Tour.

Their house, perfect for two people.

Dennis is a no-nonsense person, but secretly he's also just a little bit geeky. He's a very successful businessman, and in his spare time he enjoys watching the stars through his expensive telescope.

Michelle is no less successful in her career as a lawyer. She is proud and a bit of a perfectionist. She also loves to cook, when she finds the time.

What the house looked like before... The greenhouse was the first thing to go. Gardening was never their thing.

Obviously adding a foundation meant tearing the whole thing down, but the Sharpes were never short on money.

After the makeover... Living room.



Michelle is displeased about something. That happens fairly often.

She prepares a meal... Their children are coming over for an early lunch, to welcome them to their new home.

Edwin was always a dorky and painfully shy kid, but he also always did very well in school, and Michelle and Dennis expect great things from him. They just hope he'll be able to step outside his comfort zone long enough to make a career.

Rosalyn (or Roxie, as she calls herself - but Michelle refuses to use that name) is the rebellious one, the careless one. All she wants to do is party, play music and go shopping for more outrageous clothing. Not to mention her terrible waste-of-space boyfriend. Her parents have no trouble letting her know she is a disappointment, in various, subtle ways.

Moving to Riverblossom Hills also means living close to Michelle's younger sister, Stella, and her husband Morty. Dennis and Morty have been enemies since the day they met, and all the years apart haven't improved their relationship at all.

Michelle was never especially fond of Morty either. She finds him to be odd and dreadfully boring, always going on about his endless travelling. She'll never understand what Stella sees in him - but then, her sister was always a bit strange as well, and so lacking in ambition...

But, living close to family means you have an obligation to see them every now and then (that's why they moved here in the first place!). At least it's an opportunity for Michelle to get to know her niece and nephews, and deep down inside she's hoping she'll reconnect with Stella as well. As different as the two of them are, it would be nice to have a real sisterly relationship.

Both she and Dennis are enjoying the peace and quiet of the little country town. It's so different to the busy city where they used to live, but they're getting older and with such hectic careers it's nice to be able to truly relax at home.

Of course, it also means that travelling to work takes more time. Dennis leaves very early in the morning...

Michelle got a new job for a law firm in a bigger town fairly close to Riverblossom Hills, so she at least has the time to enjoy a proper breakfast before going to work.

And in the evenings they're free to do whatever necessary chores there are (Michelle, who lived in an apartment before and never had a garden, finds that raking leaves is strangely calming)...

... or just spend their time doing what they enjoy the most.

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