meetme2theriver (meetme2theriver) wrote,

Sticky: Photobucket and Bandwidth Resets!

I use Photobucket to upload my pictures. Since I'm not willing to pay, and I'm not willing to compromise the quality of my pictures, I quickly run out of bandwidth. For that reason I'm juggling four(!) accounts.

I thought it might be useful for you all to know when each of my accounts have their bandwidth reset, in case my pictures are down and you'd like to know when they'll be back up. So:

1. (uziwa) - Resets the 2nd.
2. (sarcasmbeast) - Resets the 14th.
3. (tarliachan) - Resets the 21st.
4. (meetme2theriver) - Resets the 27th.
Tags: photobucket
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