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Viper Canyon: Kat

I decided to add the Kat and Kim families to my Viper Canyon neighbourhood too, and make over their houses to fit in. Tara Kat and her three cats are up first.

Download has no CC and is affordable for Tara if you move her out of her old house. I've shrunk the lot from 3x3 to 3x2, as all that extra space in the back was useless, and removing it meant I could afford to buy her more stuff.

I got rid of most of the diagonal walls, they made it very hard to use the space efficiently.

There's an attic/second floor that can't be reached as of yet, but with some more money you could easily add a spiral staircase or a ladder and make a second bedroom or two up there.

Layout isn't too different, but the kitchen and bedroom have switched places. It's a little bit sparsely furnished because I ran out of money, but the house has everything Tara and her cats should need. And yes, I kind of decided that Tara likes pink.

There's a sewing machine for Tara, whose hobby is Arts & Crafts.

The obligatory Before pictures:

Download 5 Rattlesnake Drive
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